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Étude notariale Mougeot is a dynamic legal office in Gatineau whose goal is to assist you with professionalism, efficiency and attention in the significant moments of your life. The range of our practice areas is extensive and designed to fulfill the diverse legal and notarial needs of individuals, couples, families, businesses and institutions in the Outaouais region and surrounding areas.

Étude notariale Mougeot: a notary you can trust in Gatineau

Real Estate

Purchase of a property, mortgage, loan, transfer, donation, discharge, etc.


Succession settlement, testamentary searches, procedure to probate a will, succession inventory, declaration of heredity, declaration of transmission, renunciation

Agricultural Property

Authorization application to the Commission de protection du territoire agricole (CPTAQ) according to the Act to preserve agricultural land and agricultural activities, transactions on land in agricultural zone

Will and Protection Mandate

Notarized will, notarized protection mandate (mandate given in anticipation of inability)

Marriage, Civil Union and Common Law Union

Celebration of a marriage or civil union, agreement governing relations between de facto spouses (common law union), marriage contract

Legal Services

Power of attorney, oath, affidavit, certification of documents, legal consultation

Inability, tutorship

Institution of protective supervision of a person of full age, homologation of a protection mandate, tutorship to a minor child


Incorporation, society and entreprise, sale of a company or share transfer, partnership agreement

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Catherine Mougeot Notary Mtre Mougeot has obtained her Civil Law degree (LL.L.), Common Law degree (LL.B.) and Masters in Law, with specialisation in Notarial Law (LL.M.) at the Ottawa University. She obtained a special accreditation from the Québec Chamber of Notaries to conduct Non-Contentious Proceedings before Notary. This kind of proceedings includes the institution of protective supervision of a person of full age and the homologation of a mandate of incapacity.

As part of her practice of general notarial law, Mtre Catherine Mougeot will accompany you in the process of buying or financing your home. Listening to your needs, she will give you good advice when planning your will and your protection mandate. With her attention to details, professionalism, preventive approach and involvement in the implementation of its mandates, Notary Mougeot will ensure you peace of mind.

Mtre Catherine Mougeot is a member of the Québec Chamber of Notaries (CNQ), of the Québec Professionnal Association of Notaries (APNQ) and of the Outaouais Notaries Association (ANO) since 2010.

Étude notariale Mougeot: in the heart of Gatineau

Located near the St-Louis (Route 307) entrances/exits of highway 50.

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Étude notariale Mougeot

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